Makkah 'Eid al Fitr 1436

Makkah 'Eid Salaah and Khutbah
(Surahs 'Alaa and Ghashiya) Sheikh Saalih ibn Humaid

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Anonymous said...

why does the royal family pray in palace? do they consider themselves to good to mix with the ordinary Muslim? also is salah even valid in palace and hotels such as zamzam towers if there is space in courtyard or if the rows dont reach thre fully

Anonymous said...

To anon, their is a fatwa that it is permissible to perform salaah within the hotels and its for the sake of security that the king etc. do not perform salaah with everyone else

Unknown said...

I personally believe the King of head of state should pray directly behind the Imam or within the saffs of the odinary muslims. By Allah the Muhammad SAW and Khalifa Rrashidun had more enemies than anyone else will have, but there trust in Allah will protect them. Umar RA was a head of state, by Allah no man or Ameer will come again like him, he was martyred in Salah, stabbed in salah, died as a shaheed. Head of state should pray with his people, the people Allah entrusted him with.

Khalid Thakur said...

I support Mohammad Ahmad

Anonymous said...

maybe so as im not a scholar but from my limited knowledge and scholars iv asked they said it will only be permissible if there is unbrocken rows of saffs. as for security im sure they can have a few guards standing around him like they have for the imams. i dont know much about salman but he seems decent compared to his predecessors i doubt anyone will want to harm someone so old and frail especially on eid day in the masjid al haram.

ps is it true they will knock down the palace in order to expand the masjid? it seems like thats the only side left for it to expand

Sheikh, Taimur Abdulrehman (إِبنِ يُوسُف) said...

Inn Shaa ALLAAH!

May ALLAAH protect the King and every true leader of Islaamic Monotheism message.

و جزاكم الله خير