Madeenah 'Eid al Fitr 1436

Madeenah 'Eid Khutbah and Salaah
(Surahs 'Alaa and Ghaashiya) Sheikh 'Ali al Hudhaify

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1 comment:

Taimur AbdulRehman Sheikh said...

Subhaan ALLAAH, Maa Shaa ALLAAH!!

Al-Sheikh Ali Al-Hudhaify is a great person. All-Praise & thanks to ALLAAH that he made born such personalities on the face of this Earth by whom Allaah has guided and changed the thoughts among people to understand Qur'aan and Ahaadeeth/Sunnah the way Sahaabah did.

May ALLAAH reward him for his best and kind efforts for the services of Islaam and Muslim Ummah to please ALLAAH Almighty only, the Exalt, Ever-Being, Ever-Lasting, the Supreme Being. Aaameen.

و جزاكم الله خير