5th June 2010- 23rd Jumada Ath-Thaani 1431

Makkah Maghrib
by Sheikh Al-Ghazzawi (Sura Ad-Dukhan 40 to End)

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5th June 2010 - 22nd Jumada Ath-Thaani 1431

Madinah Fajr
(Surat At-Tur) Sheikh Hudhaify
Sorry, I only have the first part of the salaat.

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5th June 2010- 22nd Jumada at-Thaani 1431

Salat al Fajr from Masjid Al Haram Al Makki
by Sheikh Khalid (recited Sura Yusuf 1 to 22)

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4th June 2010 - 21st Jumada Ath-Thaani 1431

Makkah Friday Khutbah Translation
Delivered by His Eminence Sheikh Saalih Ale Talib

(4th June 2010)

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(Surat Ad-Duha wa Al-Inshirah)

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