Makkah Tahajjud ~ Night 2

1st Six Rakah led by Sheikh Khaalid al Ghamdi

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Last Four Rakah led by Sheikh Bandar Baleela

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Witr led by Sheikh Bandar Baleela

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Anonymous said...

HR TEAM why shekih suadais didnot stand beside the imam in tahajud

Anonymous said...

Sheikh Baleela'dua is nice masha Allah!

Umer said...

after how many minutes/hours do you upload the videos ?

Anonymous said...

Exceptional appearance of two Haramain Imams

As far as I know, two Haramain Imams are famous for their amazing smiling or light laughing; Sheikh Sudais and Sheikh Khalid. Once a brother [blogger] said, “smiling of Sh. Sudais kills me”. But Sheikh Khalid’s light laughing is more than murder. I become astonished to see him in facebook, in some photos. O Allah!!! How is it possible? I am sure; few persons are glorified by such smiling. All praise for Allah, He raises Sheikh’s appearance, ma sha Allah; as well we feel innocent joy from him.

Habib Najmul Ahsan.

Anonymous said...

I love sheikh Khaalid's recitation. Always heart touching... Sheikh bandar also reads so beautiful.

Anonymous said...

a/a beloved and respected friends.

some people asks why that imam
not stands there .. and this imam why there.. dear brothers..
every imam has their own freedom to stand where they wish for...
think and enjoy quran..
not imams.. all of them are awesome..

Ahson said...

MashaAllah such a beautiful, emotional recitation by Sheikh Ghamdi..he became so emotional many times during the recitation. Perhaps his most emotional night this year. May Allah always bless him. Ameen.

Muzahid said...

Much thanks to brother Ahson for your observation and it was better to write the presented verses and Surah in your comment.

Anonymous said...

Still no videos of 2nd Tahajjud??

Anonymous said...

anon# 5
assalam u alaikum.. i agree with you but i want to say that people love them just for their taqwa.. for their quran recitation.. and they are Imams of "Beyt Ullah"!! they fear Allah too much..!
people love them for these reasons.. just for Allah.. not far Allah SWT make us a bit or more like them..
and nowadays, people use to see musicians and actors.. so if people ask details about Imams .. we should provide them satisfactory answer.. it will develop their love for ALLAH and HARAMAIN...!!!

Unknown said...

Dear HR, salam! When can we see the video? Thank you and Ramadan Mubarak!