22nd Ramadaan 1435 ~ 20th July 2014

Makkah Fajr
(Surah ) Sheikh Humaid

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Adhaan by Sheikh Esam 'Ali Khan


Anonymous said...

Dear HR, please add the names of Surah & Ayah. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Don't you know the Surah again?

Umar Khalil said...


zeynah said...

@comment 2
Can u please not comment using such offending words,
Such as saying 'you don't know the Surah again' no one is perfect we all make mistakes and HR is doing a
Excellent job in uploading all these video clips, so we need to be grateful

Anonymous said...

@ Anonymous 2,

Please don't be rude. HR satff is really busy now, with taraweeh, tahajjud, and they also have their own A'maal to perform. if you know the surah, then please include it in your commment, because that really helps. Jazakallahu khair