29th Rabee al Thani 1433 ~ 22nd March 2012

Makkah Fajr
(Surah Hujurat) Sheikh Humaid

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Anas Azam said...

Yes, Shiekh Humaid is back!!!!!!!!!!!

syed muzafar said...

Beautiful Iqama!! shiekh humaid litle fast may b s nt feeling wel may Allah bles him

Anonymous said...

The Mu'adhin rota is getting mixed up

Anonymous said...

Mashaellah, as i have heard the beloved sheikh requested the king to relieve him from the post of Head of Judiciary which he was granted and now the king has made him his special advisor at the level of a minister.

zeynah said...

@ Anonymous2 Jazakallah for that info it was really Amazing how SHK Humaid is now the special advisor at the level of a minister SubhanaAllah!!!
May Allah reward SHK Humaid Ameen