29th Rabee Al-Awwal 1433 - 21st February 2012

Makkah Fajr
(Surat Ash-Shuraa 36-53) Sheikh Juhany

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Mehmood said...

amazing recitation ...thanks HR for upload

umayr786 said...

absolutely amazing recitation subhanAllah

MYK said...

MashALLAH, amazing recitation by Sheikh! May ALLAH bless!

Muzahid said...

Airing of Ash-Shura [36-53/end]: Allahu Akbar!!! What a flying!!! At times stormy!!! Also spongy!!! The small part is great with diverse of topics. At-Tawhid, Risalah, Akhirah, scientific hint, salvation of social problem etc. Exceptional elocution with jumble of melody. Al-Fatiha is also. Zajhakallah!!! ‘Abdullah!!!

Then there are missing of two words at the 36th number, “Wa Abqa”.