Zuhar and Asr Salaat

Hajj 1430
Azan and Iqamah by Sheikh Farooq Al Hadrawi

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Anonymous said...

May Allah reward him ,May Allah reward the Grand Mufti Sheikh Abdul Aziz Aal Al Sheikh for the khutbah and may Allah protect him and Protect all the hujjaj.

Anonymous said...

Which shiekh lead the salat? Is it sheikh Khayyat because he sounds like a very old man.

Anonymous said...

Do u think this is the biggest Jamaat ever led ?

Anonymous said...

Shaykh Khayyat does'nt sound like an old man, i love his voice its nice and sweet.

umayr said...

this is not sheikh khayat. mashallah sheikh farooq hadhrawi is during hajj again once again, may allah accept his hajj inshallah!