Ka'bah Kiswa Change 1430

26th Nov 2009

Part 1 High Qaulity

Windows Media (147 MB)
512Kb MPEG4
Part 2 High Qaulity

Windows Media (134 MB)
512Kb MPEG4

Part 3 High Qaulity

Windows Media ( 138MB)
512Kb MPEG4

Complete Video Low Qaulity

Windows Media (66 MB)
512Kb MPEG4


Anonymous said...

Assalam Walaikum

Hajj and Eid Mubarak to all iHaram members and to all muslims around the world. I just wanted to let you know that the low quality complete Kiswa Change video is not downloadable because there is a mistake in its web link address. Instead of http you have put hhttp and becuase of that it cannot be downloaded by anyone. Please fix it for all views.

Have a very nice Eid ul Azha and remember me in your dua.

Noor Muhammad Moten

UmmSulaiman said...

slmz hrmstaff....maybe u shud put navigation bars on this website.its quite alot and hard to find things and the page is too long..plz do so
sister in islam...umm sulaiman

umayr said...

mashallah what a great honour it must be to help put the kiswa on, the prophet muhammad pbuh use to refer to the kiswa as the ihraam of the kabah