12th August 2009 - 21st Shabaan 1430

Makkah Fajr
(Surat Yaseen 55-83 and Surat As-Saff 10-14) Sheikh Juhany
Awesome Masha'Allah

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Anonymous said...

After so long, Shaykh Juhany did an AMAZING recitation today Maashaa Allah!!!!! It was just outstanding!!

umayr said...

mashallah, was heart touching

Anonymous said...

i listened to it over 5 times

Hafsa said...

Salam,Haraain brothers and sisters; MashaAllah very nice recitation.
Bro and sis would u like 2 tell me da name of da prson who is calling aqamat, his sound is similer 2 Sheikh Juhany, and i think he is his brother. pls let me know, wallahu a'alam
i m waitng, pls don't forget 2 rply.

umayr said...

muzzain calling iqamah is sheikh AHMED BIN ALI HASAN NAHAS

Anonymous said...

tear 2 me eye