Makkah Taraweeh - Night 17

1st Ten Rakah led by Sheikh Maahir al Mu'ayqali

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2nd Ten Rakah led by Sheikh Bandar Baleela

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Download Audio: 32kbps w/out Takbeer | 128kbps w/out Takbeer

Witr led by Sheikh Bandar Baleela

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Anonymous said...

MashaAllah sheikh Mahir's tune was awesome and excellent I am really missing his dua may Allah bless him.ameen

Anonymous said...

Sheikh Maahir was splendid, did say seems like Sheikh Sudais would do less, Fatima Muhammad I know his busy but surely him along sheikh shuraim's voice is something else so taraweeh without those two is not the same. Sheikh Sudais literally read only two taraweeh this year.

Anonymous said...

Why did sheikh sudais put his name in taraweeh when he clearly knew he won't be leading them and instead of giving sheikh dossary & a Baleelah twice a week is beyond my imagination. Frustrated Fan of sheikh Maahir.

Anonymous said...

Where is shaikh Sudais.. Only 2 days he led Tharaweeh.. Day9 he was in Dubai.. Day13, he was in Masjid Nabawi.. But, I expected, today shaikh will lead.. But he didn't... Waiting for his amazing voice..

Anonymous said...

Where is Sheikh Sudais? I missed him so much!!! Why is he not doing his turn anymore? I WANT HIM BACK!!! :(

Anonymous said...

Ramadan and taraweeh are going away very quickly I am going to miss sheikh Mahir and his beautiful recitation too much subhanallah he is amazing mashaAllah

Muzahid said...

Sheikh Mu’ayqali is emotive overall and his second half is rhythmic.

Glamorous Makkah night shown by Sheikh Baleela, but his mid time is comparatively mute. May be Sheikh took some rest. Sheikh controlled emotion in his Witr du’aa’.

Muzahid said...

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Anonymous said...

HR Staff, Sheikh Sudais was out of Makkah in two nights, but what about this night? Please inform us where he was at this night?

Jakwan Jiad.

umar said...

Again no Sheikh Sudais.... missing him badly.. we don't want Sheikh Sudais as president of affairs of Haramain if its president means that he will decrease his leading salaah and Taraweeh... Already he has less maghrib salaah in Haram.. We want Sheikh Sudais who is famous for his emotional recitation and his amazing dua... Every Muslim of the world love his voice and want to listen his beautiful emotional recitation specially in Ramdaan.. This is Ramdaan is not look same as no Sheikh Sudais and Sheikh Shuraim has different tune.
I am missing Sheikh Sudais badly and also missing old days.

Anonymous said...

no sheikh sudais,,,,,,so sad

Anonymous said...

I love sheikh Mahir's recitation. It's always heart-touching and amazing. But I miss sheikh Sudais very much. I hope he will come back soon.

Anonymous said...

I love sheikh Mahir's recitation. It's always heart-touching and amazing. But I miss sheikh Sudais very much. I hope he will come back soon.

Anonymous said...

People, imams of masjid haram are also scholars, judges, and/or professors.

We should be thankful that we are listening to them. And not argue over who should be leading as this isn't our job. All imams are MashaAllah great.

Fan of Sheikh Saleh Aal Talib & Maher Al Muaiqly said...

Mashallah Sheikh Maher amazing as ever. Really miss his dua. i wish the schedule was the same as last year!

Anonymous said...

Alhamdulillah now he is back (sheikh sudais).... He will be leading in all his next turns In sha Allah .. Sheikh sudais and shuraim are the best of best Alhamdulillah...

MYK said...

Sheikh Mahir: Surah Muminoon 1-End & Nur 1-20
Sheikh Baleela: Nur 21-End & Furqan 1-20

MashAllah, Both Shuykhs recited beautifullytoday.

Anonymous said...

Laa howla wala qoowatq. You guys need to get a grip. I mentioned this before a few years ago. STOP THIS SILLY CELEBRITY worshipping culture its disgusting. Yes they are imams of haram don't forget they are humans have also have lifes. Some of the comments here are scary. Kinda stuff kuffar say about their pop idols. HR please write some guidelines and naseeha on this issue.

amersidd said...

They is no haram inshaAllah in people's eager desire to hear awesome recitation. I love it!

Anonymous said...

We want to see the best Quran reciters also as best leaders.

Professor Habib najmul Ahsan.