10th Jumada ath Thani 1436 ~ 30th March 2015

Makkah Fajr
(Surahs Najm and Qamar: Ayaah 1-8) Sheikh Juhany

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Muzahid said...

Surah An Najm: The revealing occasion, situation and condition is enormously thrilling and thoughtful. The occurrence after the first announcement of this Sura by Allah’s Messenger Ahmad [Sm.] is a unique matter in the Islamic history. The verses of the Surah Najm are so rhythmic, elevating, magical and thought rousing.

Now we may search leading exposing of this chapter by the Qur’an presenters at our time; as well we should try to imitate the best recitation.

Muzahid said...

We got a great atmosphere of the Surah Najm [1-41], Sheikh Sudais, Presidential Makkah Fajr at below.


So we wish for more such morning by the Head of Haramain Administration.

Mohammed Ahmed said...

Sub han Allah! What a rare sight! Surah An-Najm in Fajr salah in the Haram! Also another surah following it, what a great expereince to view it sub han Allah, mind you quite funny when some people stayed in Ruku throughout whilst everyone was in Sajdah due to the Sajdah Ayah, may Allah make all of us know all the sajdah verses!