Makkah Taraweeh ~ Night 12

1st Ten Rakah led by Sheikh Khaalid al Ghamdi

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2nd Ten Rakah led by Sheikh Bandar Baleela

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Witr led by Sheikh Bandar Baleela

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Muzahid said...

At–Tawheed [monotheism], The Qur’anic Miracle and different objects of Al-Qur’an

In different chapters of Al-Quran, Allah declared challenge to the non-Muslims that; they may try to come up with even a single Surah [chapter] like Allah’s Book, afterward they will fail entirely. We know Al-Kawthar is the smallest Surah in the Quran with only three small verses. Until now, no nation, group or personality could make a chapter like The Creator’s Book. So Allah The Only Creator The All-Knowing sent this marvelous Book.

Chief references: Surah Al-Baqarah: 23, 24; Al-Yunus: 37, 38; Al-Hud: 13, 14; Al-‘Isra’: 88; At–Tur: 33, 34 etc.
We also should reflect on the great, glorious and thoughtful stories; Surat Al-Ahqaf [29-32], Al-Jinn [1-15] etc and the verses of Surah Nisa: 82, Al-Muhammad: 24 etc.

Few symbols of the Qur’anic wonder:

And if you are in doubt about what We have sent down [The Qur’an] upon Our Slave [Muhammad (Sm.)], then come up with a Surah [chapter] the like thereof, and call upon your witnesses [supporters and helpers], apart from Allah, if you (your doubts) are true. [Surah Al-Baqarah: 23]

So, in case you shall not perform it and you will never be able to achieve it; then protect yourselves against the Fire whose fuel is men and stones, prepared for those who reject Faith. [Al-Baqarah: 24]

Or do they say [about the Prophet], "He invented it?" Say, "Then bring forth a surah [chapter] like it and call on whomsoever you can apart from Allah, in case you are sincere. [Al-Yunus: 38]

Or do they say, "He [our Prophet (Sm.)] invented it [The Qur’an]"? Say, "Then come up with ten Surats the like of it, fabricated; and appeal to whomever you are able, apart from Allah, if you are truthful. [Surat Al-Hud: 13]

And if they do not respond to you, then know that it has been sent down only by the knowledge of Allah and that there is no god except He; then, would you [not] be Muslims [those who submit to Islam, Allah’s Religion]? [Al-Hud: 14]

Different objects of Al-Qur’an: It is not possible to explain this point in a few words or paragraphs, just share some talks.

* The Creator’s Book announces absolutely the purpose of the creation of the whole cosmos.
* It guides us to make harmonizing balance, connection and combination among different issues of our life.
* The whole Qur’an was not sent down at a specific time. The revealing occasions of different chapters and verses are absolutely wonderful, matching and applicable.
* Al-Qur’an is the center and heart of all art, literature and culture, its word arranging is one kind of symbol of this spectacle.
* This Book has an incomparable pronunciation as well and no other book has such magnificent articulation.

May Allah make us easy to realize and apply this Book in every sphere in the human civilization. And this is the only way to be victorious in this earthen world and in the hereafter.

Anonymous said...

amazing night by both sheikhs, loved sheikh baleelas different tone today

Anonymous said...

Sheikh Ghamdi is amazing !! I am sad that he won't lead Witr.... I miss his Dua!!

MYK said...

Sh. Ghamdi: Hud 1-83
Sh. Baleela: Hud 84-End & Yusuf 1-57

Surah Yusuf has been recited marvelously by Sheikh Baleela so far. Amazing fluctuation of this tone, MashALLAH

brother muhammad said...

dear haramain why is shiekh Ghamidi not getting witr dua.

Muzahid said...

Once before one or two years, a commenter referred the Qira’ah, Surah Hud, Makkah Taraweeh, 1428; basically praising about Sheikh Shuraim’s part [6-83]. At the last night I heard that at the first time. The unique feature of that is as below.

No crying, weeping or tears, except a few moments; but fearful vibration continues from start to end, maximum times. You shall feel earthquake in the sections, [43-49] and [70-76]. Yes, in different times we observe quaking from him, as well as from other reciters; but not for so long time like this. May Allah reward the Imam and the person who recommended us about the expression.

Muzahid said...

Noticeable description of different histories by Sheikh Khaalid al Ghamdi. Allahu Akbar!!! There are some dialogues as well, Surat Al-Hud [1-83]. Sheikh has shown some different tunes at this night, ma sha Allah.

Muzahid said...

We may watch again the momentous voicing of the verses, “42 & 43”, Al-Hud, from Makkah Taraweeh, 1432. The Prophet Nuh [Asm.] was asking his son to ride on the grand boat. But he didn’t agree, as he was nonbeliever. Alas!!! Obvious screening likewise!!! Presenter Sheikh Abdullah al Juhany.

Anonymous said...

will translation be uploaded soon? Also Sh Mahir from night 11 translation video?

Unknown said...

Sub han Allah! Sheikh Baleela at the last 2 minutes of Taraweeh through all the way to Witr and the dua used the Maqam Nahawand Tune! The style of recitation is so beautiful! The dua was so powerful, this was the best Witr ever by any Sheikh!!! Alhamdulilah!

zeynah said...

Maa Sha'Allah
Shk Khalid recited awesome,
I really like his recitation
May Allah bless him Ameen

Anonymous said...

i like shiekh BALEELA s duaa

Anonymous said...

No it's not.