21st Shabaan 1435 ~ 18th June 2014

Makkah 'Isha
(Surah An'aam: Ayaah 42-58) Sheikh Juhany

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Muzahid said...

I feel extreme sadness, because Haramain Imams don't display the reflective scenery of the 44th ayah of the Surah Naml. But they express As-Saba [10-14] in different times. So we wait eagerly.

Nauman Akram said...

Awesome! MashaAllah :-)

Anonymous said...

Nice MashaAllah.

محب الحرمين said...

very beautiful mashallah. shiek Juhany's voice is beautiful

dear haramain i kindly request you to post the kiswa wash


HR Staff said...


Anonymous said...

Masha Allah! Yes, Sheikh Juahy's voice is beautiful subhan Allah!