8th Jumada al Akhira 1435 ~ 8th April 2014

Makkah Fajr
(Surah Qamar) Sheikh Juhany

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Anonymous said...

..top level of the elevated ring for tawaf very dim during the night is very dim.. think the authority should install some lightings..

Sarfaraz said...

Saudi Grand Mosque Expansion Plans: I wonder if there are more secret plans? We know Makkah Clock Tower and high rise buildings as well as tunnels are signs of the Hour:

Ibn Shaybah narrated with his Isnaad from Ya'la ibn 'Ata that his father said, "I was holding the reins of Abdullah ibn 'Amr (r.a.) and he said: "How will you be when you destroy the House (Ka'abah) and do not leave one stone on top of another? They asked, "Will we still be Muslims?" He said, "You will still be Muslims." They asked, "Then what?" He said: "Then it (the Ka'abah) will be rebuilt in the most beautiful way. When you see tunnels built in Makkah and you see its buildings taller than its mountains, know that the matter (The Hour) is close at hand." (Akhbaar Makkah: Jayyid report)