3rd Rabi al Thanee 1435 ~ 2nd February 2014

Makkah 'Isha
(Surah Ahqaaf: Ayaah 15-20) Sheikh Taalib

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Anonymous said...

Beautiful ayaat and beautiful recitation! The three imaams back to leading jahri salaah together. MashaAllah!

Anonymous said...

Masha Allah subhanallah Allahuakbar very clear voice and pronunciation. No words to describe how much I love listening to his recitation.

Anonymous said...

Such a sweet voice mashaaAllah.

Anonymous said...

masha'Allah,,,,,,,sheikh talib is back with his melodious recitation,,,,,,, love his tajweed masha'Allah,,

umayr786 said...

Mashallah happy to hear Sheikh Talib again!