7th Rabee al Awwal 1435 ~ 8th January 2014

Makkah Fajr
(Surah ar Room: Ayaah 26-41) Sheikh Baleela

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Adhaan by Sheikh Hamad Daghreeree

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Anonymous said...

JazakAllah for the adhaan download link. .
beautiful and magical voice of shiekh daghreeree..may Allah SWT bless shiekh and give him strength to keep up the pace. .

Sahir said...

I can swear this Adhan stunned me.. Such a peaceful and calm voice Masha'ALLAH..

Unknown said...

Just came from Umrah and this was the most beautiful athaan I've ever heard Masha Allah!!!
Maybe continue to make the call to prayer so beautifully for many more years Insha Allah!