Kaba Wash | 14th Muharram 1435


For the past few months, we are receiving complaints about Youtube not  being accessible for many of our viewers from different countries, so we came up with this alternate platform, (Playwire).

We request you all to share the word through all possible means, to make this new initiative a success, it will inshAllah benefit all of us, Jazak'ALLAH.


Unknown said...

There are adverts! Not good! Please bring back YouTube!! Or have both!


- HR Staff - said...

This video is available on Youtube. However, in Pakistan they can't access Youtube, which is why we're going for an alternative.

Unknown said...

Nice video

Anonymous said...

where is the video???

Sang Pembelajar said...

wow... my first time to watch kaba wash,,

Sajida said...

MashAllah , I would suggest if there was translation of the video .(just English
subtitles )