24th Muharram 1435 ~ 28th November 2013

Madeenah Fajr
(Surah Ahzaab: Ayaah 9-27) Sheikh Budayr

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Adhaan by Sheikh Faisal Numaan
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Anonymous said...

Surat An-Nahl,ayahs 76 to 89

Muzahid said...

Enlightening about Haramain Salaat

One object is special style of regular Salaat Qira’at/speaking. Another; truly complete Quran is a Great chapter. It is not too easy for all to keep in mind all parts of it. So we should try to select major and cap thoughtful discussions of the kalaam, memorize those and read in regular Salaat. We may get help from Haramain Salaat about this purpose. Haramain Imams select the parts of all issues from the Quran. Salaat recitation is transmitted more slowly than Taraweeh. It has a brilliant style as well. It is not necessary to download Qira’ah of each time Salaah. But we can watch translation at a glance. By this way, we can meet to different parts of Al-Quran. We hope, by this way, within 2/3 years we can memorize the numbers of most dominant verses of the Quran. So we may visit the website regularly or in different times as possible.

Muzahid said...

Surat Al-Ahzab is a wide ranged Surah chiefly on the basis of social culture, family code, Risalah, war field, criminal law, Akhirah etc. The 72nd ayah is greatly leading about the dignity and liability of the human being. May Allah help us to make and continue the model of our Prophet’s [Sm.] civilization, Ameen.

Unknown said...

Masha Allah!!!