12th Muharram 1435 ~ 16th November 2013

Madeenah Fajr
(Surah Ma'arij) Sheikh Budayr
Amazing Tune

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Unknown said...

Beautiful! Sounds so much like Sheikh Bandar Balila of Makkah!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

very beautiful recitation
the best recitation sheikh budayr

Anonymous said...

the bestest recitation ever by sheikh budair,out of this world mashAllah

MYK said...

MashALLAH! Amazing style! Its great to see Sheikh Budayr back for Fajrs, Alhamdulilah!


Anonymous said...

.. jazak Allahu khayran.. for HD quality video uploads and for the English translations.. btw those who watching it on iPad would not be able to see the annotation / translation..

..as always an awesome recitation by Sheikh Salah Al Budair..