Makkah Khutbah Summary

Sheikh Usaamah Abdullah Al Khayyaat
Khutbah Summary

The Respected Shaykh Began The Khutbah Praising The Almighty Allah And Sent Salutations Upon The Beloved Prophet Of Allah Sallallahualayhi Wasalam. The Shaykh Then Started Declaring Our Faith ‘Islam’ – Beliefs And Then Told The Gathering To Obtain The Quality Of Taqwah As It Will Bring Success.

The Shaykh Thereafter Informing The Gathering About How Each And Every Person Wants Peace And Tranquillity However Every One Has Different Concepts And Ways In Attaining It. The Prophet Of Allah Sallallahualayhi Wasalam Taught Us The Correct Way So We Should Follow It. The Shaykh Then Mentioned A Hadith Which Is In Musnad Ahmad And Which Is Reported By Abu Huraira R.A To The Nearest Meaning That ‘’ My Rank Is Like A Father And Is There To Teach The Deen ‘’ – Similarly With A Father And Son, The Father Teaches The Son Good Morals Etc.

Many Verses From Quran Were Mentioned Throughout The Khutbah:
“ So Whoever Allah Wants To Guide - He Expands His Breast To [Contain] Islam; And Whoever He Wants To Misguide - He Makes His Breast Tight And Constricted As Though He Were Climbing Into The Sky. Thus Does Allah Place Defilement Upon Those Who Do Not Believe.” [Surah An’aam: Ayah 125]

People Who Are Climbing Up The Sky Would Find It Hard To Breath.

"So Is One Whose Breast Allah Has Expanded To [Accept] Islam And He Is Upon A Light From His Lord [Like One Whose Heart Rejects It]? Then Woe To Those Whose Hearts Are Hardened Against The Remembrance Of Allah . Those Are In Manifest Error." [Surah Zumar: Ayah 22]

Those People Who Have Closed Their Hearts – Destruction Is For Those Who’s Hearts Has Been Corrupt.

"And Is One Who Was Dead And We Gave Him Life And Made For Him Light By Which To Walk Among The People Like One Who Is In Darkness, Never To Emerge Therefrom? Thus It Has Been Made Pleasing To The Disbelievers That Which They Were Doing." [Surah An’aam: 122]

Turn Away From The Worldly Thing And Turn Toward Allah More And More. The Shaykh Also Mentioned About Curses And Harms For A Person That Does A Specific Wrong Action [ Not Sure What It Was ].

Acquire More Knowledge The Respected Shaykh Added In Addition To Spending Time In The Path Of Allah And Spending In Charity. The Shaykh Mentioned About The Generous Person And The Greedy Person.

The Shaykh Again Mentioned About The Peace And Tranquillity Of The Heart And Added How We Should Remember Allah And Do Zikr.

Fadhkoorooni Adhkurkum Washkurili Wala Takfuroon: Therefore remember Me (by praying, glorifying,). I will remember you, and be grateful to Me (for My countless Favours on you) and never be ungrateful to Me. [Surah Baqarah: Ayah 152]

We Should Make Should Me Read Our Salaah And Recite Quran. The Salaah Is Very Important After Imaan And We Should Read Our Salaah In Order To Get Close To Allah.

Salutations Were Sent Upon The Beloved Prophet Of Allah Sallallahu Alayhi Wasalam And Thereafter The Khateeb Mentioned How We Should Stay Away From Having Bad Character, Having Hatred And Having Malice. We Should Attain The Pleasure Of Allah By Following The Ways Taught To Us By The Beloved Prophet Of Allah Sallallahu Alayhi Wasalam.

Dua Was Thereafter Made.

Jazakallah khair to the brother who sent this.


MYK said...

mashALLAH, Thank You Very Much to the Brother who sent the Khutba Summary!

May ALLAH Bless You and HRTeam.

Anonymous said...

In June of this, one of the Grand Mosque imam Sheikh Dr. Maher Al-Muqaily will travel to Kuala Lumpur. His arrival this time is an invitation from the government to present apaper at the Seminar on Fiqh Leadership to be held at the Putra World Trade Centre.

According to a source close to the organizers, Sheikh Maher Al Muqaily also will lead prayers Friday with Prime Minister at one mosque / Prayer for the day Friday, June 15, 2012. Meanwhile, his other tables can not be confirmed.

Anonymous said...

busy mashaAllah shk Mahir!!! bless u ..may Allah provide u witha long healthy life ameen.

Anonymous said...

HR n fellow muslim brothers n sisters. Pliz post the details about sheikh mahir's kuala lumpur trip cos i live in kuala lumpur. i would like to pray wth haramain's imaam. now i can't sleep. last time when sheikh sudais came his trip to our nearby mosque was cancelled.

W.Adeel said...

Jazakullah for the translation.

Anonymous said...

And is Sheikh Salah al Budair khutbah translation available of last friday's?

zeynah said...

Shaykh Mahir is truly busy as his first going to Sudan then in June to Kuala Lumpur.
May Allah bless our precious Shaykh Mahir and make his journey blessed Ameen

Anonymous said...

Sheikh Budairs Khutbah Is Available But Haramain Recordings Inshallah Will Be Posting It Soon

Anonymous said...

MashaAllah for all the khutba translations. May Allah bless you and reward you. Ameen

Anonymous said...

Where can I find the latest khutbah transaltion of 4th ramadan 1434 by sheik sudais?