24th Jumada ath Thaani 1433 ~ 15th May 2012

Makkah Maghrib
(Surah ) Sheikh Mu'ayqali

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rizwan said...

Surah Ghafir (40) Ayahs 56-65

Anonymous said...

Surat ghafir:56-65. MashaAllah ALLAHU AKBAR absolutly BRILLIANT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!shk Mahir u r extreeemly wonderful love u bless u ameen.

Anonymous said...

Alhamdu lillah mashaAllah shk Mahir jazakallahu khair u make me realy happy every day. may AllAH subhanahu wa ta3ala give u all the happiness u like my lovely imam!! thank u HR for the priceless work.

Anonymous said...

60+ days remain for ramadhan

The rota for imams for taraweeh gets published in shabaan on the website of the saudi government

On the website the rota for jummah and eid also gets announced

Anonymous said...

MashaALLAH....Amazing mind blowing nd vry heart touching recitation by my favourite and bestest sheikh maahir.

Sheikh Maahir no1 fan

syed muzafar said...

MashaAllah!! realy Awesome May Allah grand him jannatul firdous Aameen!! jazak Allahu kairen HR team for tis Amazing wrk

Anonymous said...

InshaAllah if annonced can you post it here? Jazakallahu khair

zeynah said...

Extreamly beautiful and emotional as well,
May Allah bless Shaykh Mahir, I truly love his recitation