23rd Jumada ath Thaani 1433 ~ 14th May 2012

Makkah 'Isha
(Surah An'aam: Ayaah 37-45) Sheikh Ghazzawi

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Anonymous said...


sister from south africa said...

Who is this Muazin? he recites beautifully Mashallah!

Anonymous said...

whats the noise at the back?

Anonymous said...

as salamu alaikum,

firstly awesome website masha Allah!

please can you tell me the rota for the imaams who will be leading salaah for this month?

jazakallahu khayr


Anonymous said...

This Months Rota Includes:

Sheikh Juhany ( Daily )
Sheikh Ghazzawi ( Esha )
Sheikh Maher ( Asr + Maghrib )
Sheikh Khayaath ( Daily )
Sheikh Khald Al Ghamdi ( Esha ) Who Will Inshallah Lead From Next Week If Allah Wills

Sheikh Shuraim Khutbah Next Week

Anonymous said...

Subhanallah :( cant believe Sh Saleh aal talib wont be leading :(

nor sh abdur rahman saudais or sh shuraim


Anonymous said...

Sheikh Usama Khayyat Khutbah next friday, according to rota settings. :)

Anonymous said...

Sheikh Majid Al Abbas is the Mu'adhin. Allhamdullillah his Adhan and Iqama is beautiful.

Sheikh Majid Al Abbas is from the lineage of the prophets uncle Abu Talib