Sheikh Maahir - South Africa 2012

March 24, 2012 - Cape Town
Maghrib Salaah @ Muir Street Masjid

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Lecture after Maghrib

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Download Translation Text of Jumuah Khutbah
Download Arabic Text of Jumuah Khutbah
'Isha was at Masjid Quds, and if anybody was there and recorded, feel free to e-mail us with it.
Jazakallah khair to sister Amina for the recordings and brother Mohammed Wadee from the Saudi Embassy for the translation.


Anonymous said...

MashaAllah!! beautiful voice i wish i was there bless u shk Maahir ameen.i cant listen to the lecture!

- HR Staff - said...

I apologize. I forgot to convert the lecture to .mp3 and I will do that in a few hours. If you can typically listen to .wma files, than right click and save the lecture and listen to it on your computer, but I will place the .mp3 later if you wish to wait. BarakAllah feek.

The SheikhAnwar said...

surah zariyat last rukuh and surah naziat last ayyats...

MashaAllah beautifull recitation!!!!

Fahim Abdullah said...

Wow English lecture!

zeynah said...

Assalamu Alaykum

I can't listen to the lecture or Salah if HR cud kindly tell me why?
Jazakallah khair for the Jummah khutbah transalation

zeynah said...

sorry Just to let you kow I can hear it Know Jazkallah Khair

zeynah said...

MarshaAllah Shaykh Mahir truly has such amazing lectures I am really going to miss these lectures when he finishes his tour in SA as I won't be hearing him anymore.May Allah increase his Jannah and make us all meet him with the Messenger (SAW) and the Sahaabahs together in Jannah Ameen

Anonymous said...

PLEASE! will people stop abbreviating Sallallahu Alayhi Wa Sallam.
I mean u can type out a whole lot of stuff, whats so hard in typing out the full thing??

Anonymous said...

I feel the same,Zeynah, i am going to miss these amazing lectures!!!! i ask ALLAH sub7anahu wa ta3ala that wonderful shk Maahir lead fridays khutbats at al MASJID alHARAAM ya rabb he is an excellent khateeb mashaAllah bless him ameen.