9th Dhul Qa'dah 1432 - 6th October 2011

Makkah Fajr
(Surah Al-A'raf 187-206 and Duha) Sheikh Ghamdi


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Sheikh Khalid Al Ghamdi's reply with regard to this salaah

"May Allah be good to you. I did not wish to make sajdah because I feared that there will be confusion amongst the musallis. Some of them will make ruku and some will make sajdah. And I intended to teach the people the permissibilty of leaving out the sajdah and the manner of doing that, especially at the end of a sura and the permissibilty of saying the tasmiyyah aloud sometimes and I intended completing in Anfaal, but I changed to Dhuha during the salaah because I saw it is more connected to His saying 'inna waliyyiyallahu' that which....."

Sent by Brother Amin


khalid said...

Salam.i want to ask that is it allowed that one can recite 2 surahs in a rakah of fardh salath as shaikh did? plz remove my confusion as i have learned from all these shaikhs abt salath by watching them.May Allah give them reward.

Anonymous said...

very very beautiful

umayr786 said...

awesome recitation with a totally different tone, havent seen the haramain imams read some ayats of a surah and then a short surah aswell in the 2nd rakat, truely awesome mashallah

haramain fan said...

Masha Allah heart trembling recitation.

Anonymous said...

did anything strange happen in the 2nd rakaat? I heard yasjodon and then surah ad-duha?

Anonymous said...

he started another surat in same rakat normally we dont see this in haramain

Musa Khan said...

Why Sheikh did not prostrate on Recitation of Sajdah Ayah??

MYK said...

MashALLAH! Very nice once again Sheikh Ghamdi!

yes, the 2nd Raka't was different. Recited Sajdah ayat but no Sajdah done. Then the 2nd New surah. Well Sheikh is a Sheikh and knows what he is doing. May ALLAH grant each of us to gain as much knowledge as the Sheikhs of the Harmaains.

aslo, I think Sheikh almsot recited all of Surah A'raf now. starting from ayat 120. (Skipped a few syats here and there but stil...)

Anonymous said...

The prostration of recitation is recommended and not obligatory.

Sheikh Khalid didn't want to prostrate , but if he had gone for Ruku' people who can't see him would think that he went for prostration and will be confused, that's why he read Surat Ad Duhah.
in order not to stop in an Ayah of Sajdah.

I hope it is clear now

Anonymous said...

wow Shaikh himself replied

MYK said...

WOW!! SHEIKH GHAMDI IS AMAZING!he cleared it up for me!

Such a wonderful and respectful Sheikh, my respect for him keeps on growing day by day!

Anonymous said...

and then people just comment when they don't know the reason behind it.

Anonymous said...

MashAllah! This recitation is really amaizing...but correct me If I'm wrong...He made mistake in ayah 203 in the part.. هَـٰذَا بَصَائِرُ مِن رَّبِّكُمْ
I pray to Allah our Lord, with best wishes, for the Sheikh Ghamdi and other Shaikhs,...and HR team allso!

HR team..you are really doing great job!!
Selam from Sarajevo, Bosnia