Night 27 Ramadhan 1432 - Makkah Taraweeh

Makkah Taraweeh - صلاة التراويح من مكة

1st 10 Rakaats led by Sheikh Juhany -
العشر ركعات الاولى للشيح عبد الله الجهني

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Last 10 Rakaats led by Mahir Al-Muaiqily -
العشر ركعات الاخرى للشيخ الماهر المعيقلي

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farid said...

Tilawat Ma'aroof by Sheikh Juhny Masha Allah Today Sheikh Juhny has recited very nice, with peaceful voice and by following complete rules of Tajweed.

fan of sheikh Sudais wa Juhany said...

MashaAllah Jayyed amazing tilawat by shoyoukh....May Allah bless them with peace and accept all of our deeds.....Aameen

Anonymous said...

MashaALLAH awesome recitation by sheikh maahir one of d best sooo far this Ramadan.

Anonymous said...

i am also a strong fan of AS-Sudais and Ajuhanny,i saw someone asking about the absence of Sheikh Ajuhanny in offering Qunoot,let us admit that though we we srongly like the recitation of Ajuhanny so much, but when it comes to Qunoot Sheikh Mahir seems to be fluent there.This my opinion,you can compare the qunoot of JUHANNY AND MAHIR and Insha Allah you will see the difference.May Allah bless them all

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Sheikh Mahir is the best.

I just wondered if somebody knows the final results of survey regarding 'favourite imam' which was conducted recently on this website.

I really want Sheikh Mahir to win.

Mystic Groove said...

mashaAllah TabarakaAllah! May Allah bless all the Imams.
Sheikh Maher Al Muaqely has one of the most gifted voices. mashaAllah

yusuf rachmat setiyadi said...

Mahir Muaiqly
Your voice is so amazing
very melodious chant verses quran
and I am your fan from Indonesia

Fan of Shaykh Sudais+Mu'aiqaly said...

Shaykh Mahir has the voice of a songbird.....

He's the best!

No one can beat him!

Anonymous said...

Yes true shk Mahir u r the best!! i share the nice comment about shk Mahir with fan of my shk. yes of cource he will win the best imam competition mashaAllah bless him ameen.

Anonymous said...

sheikh Mahir U R the best mashaAllah