Rain In Makkah

Video taken on 25th Nov 2009 After Zuhar Azan
by Brother Luqman Yahya

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Anonymous said...

So beautiful mashaallah

Anonymous said...

MashaAllah its pleasing to watch pilgrimage still performing tawaf in such a rain aswell.
May Allah reard the pilgrim of Makkah and Madinah and the hajjis ameen

Anonymous said...

May Allah reward brother luqman for all his videos and live recordings. Beautiful video!!

Anonymous said...

Allahu Akbar! It was POURING! "The tawaaf of the Ka'bah will never stop till the day of Judgment." Allahu Akbar

umayr said...

mashallah the rain must be a sign of blessing

Unknown said...

thanx bro for the video its awesome
allah reward u and the HR team.