Sheikh Shuraim - Taraweeh

Surah Al Muminun

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Anonymous said...

Great recitation by shaykh Shuraim.

sheikh shuraim 4 ever said...

Wow! This was an amazing recitation by Sheikh Shuraim!!!!
I think i heard it in this year's taraweeh, is it from this year?
Thanks so much for posting Sheikh Shuraim's recitations and the other Imams!
Oh and i saw a 2005 video of sheikh shuraim and sudais's recitation and when it was Sheikh Sudais's turn, sheikh shuraim stood at the back beside sheikh talib and he was even taller than him! i couldn't believe it cuz i never really saw his exact height, that was the second video i saw sheikh shuraim in the back.

Ahson said...

Awsome! Thank you HR team for putting up these videos.
This recitation reminded me of this year's taraweeh..i think its from this year as Shiekh Shuraim's taraweeh style in the last few years was different than this one..they were more old school compared to this year.

Ahson said...

@shiekh shuraim 4 ever:
I have never seen a video in which shiekh shuraim stands behind the imam..ive seen a shiekh shudais stand behind shiekh shuraim a couple of times in old vidoes..i would like to see this video:) Is there any way? In a previous post I wrote my email address for you to send me the link of the video but I guess the HR team didn't approve that post.

HRstaff said...

Assalaam u alaikum bro Ahson,
Sorry we can not approve a comment with your email adress. People may abuse it; there could be some negative consequences. Hence, we do not approve any comments with email adresses. However, bro sheikh shuraim 4 ever can either provide the link (if its a direct link) or can email us the link of the video he is talking about and Insha'Allah we can post the video on haramain :)
We apologize for the inconvenience caused.
JazakAllahu Khair
Assalaam u alaikum

Sheikh Shuraim 4 ever said...

Well, i saw the video on youtube. i can post the link here or email it later because i'm busy today.
it was in the 2005 videos.
and HRteam, it's okay but i'm a girl, lol.

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