23rd October 2009 - 4th Dhul Qa`dah 1430

Makkah Friday Salaat
Delivered by His Eminence Khayyat

(Surat Al Aala and AL Ghashiyah)

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fatima... said...

Mashallah the hujaj start coming may Allah accept our HAJJ.(AMEEN)

Anonymous said...

Beautiful Salaah, i WISH Shaykh Khayyat would come back to leading daily prayers, hopefully one day InshaaAllah!!!

..zainab said...

exactly , i noticed this 2day in ma'3rib prayer mashallah people are increased in haram ..AMEEEEEEN

Anonymous said...

why did all the sheikhs flip thier robe inside out and why does sheikh shuraim turn around at the end of khutbah?

umayr said...

sheikh khayyat looks so young with his sun glasses subhanallah, is that the t.v reciting the duwaa at the end of salah?