6th November 2008 ~ 9th Dhul Qadah 1429

Makkah Fajr
Surahs Ankabut 14-25 and Ahqaaf: 27-35, led by Sheikh Juhany

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Anonymous said...

i dont see him anywhere!

Anonymous said...

can you upload the audio please?


- HR Staff - said...

I don't understand...you don't see him? So..?

Audio added, sorry about that!

Malika said...

Yes I agree with you Jawharah!
Huh exactly!

Anonymous said...

I think Anonymous 1 hopes that the recording shows Sheikh Juhany leading the salaat.

Some of us eagerly surf this site to watch all our beloved imams. Maybe we can have like Taraweeh salaat whereby the recording close up to the imam.

Anyway, Haramain Team is a great team for producing the superb site. Thank you soo mucchhh.


Anonymous said...

nono i mean where is he? he's not a t the teraweeh place, he not infront of makam ibrahim. like when i go there to pray even zuhr and asr i dont see the imams at all, they are not even at the teraweeh place.

Anonymous said...

please tell:(

- HR Staff - said...

We don't have a choice over whether the Imaam is shown or not. That's the cameramen as Saudi TV who do that. :)

It was raining on and off those couple days, and he was in the Taraweeh spot. You just can't see him cuz of the angle I think and the pillar and guards were hiding him.