21st Jumada ath Thani 1441 ~ 15th February 2020

Makkah Fajr
(Surah Zumar: Ayaah 53-75) Sheikh Mu'ayqali

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Mehzabin Chowdhury said...

I fell in Love with Sheikh Maher al muaiqly when I heard his Beautiful Angelic voice in 2007 or 2008 while He was leading Taraweeh Salah at the month of Ramadan

I fell I. love with him at the first sight when I watched him leading Salah in Masjid al Haram
Sheikh Maher's voice is very sweet & so Lovely . I just love Sheikh Maher's voice.

I feel so Sweet and Lovely when I hear his voice.

My heart soothes in Love when I hear his voice .

I don't know that How can a man's voice be so Sweet Lovely and Beautiful


I Love You Sheikh Maher al muaiqly.

I may have a lot of Fans in Bangladesh but I am Your greatest Fan Sheikh Maher al muaiqly