1st Dhul Qadah 1439 ~ 13th July 2018

Makkah 'Isha
(Surah Munafiqoon) Sheikh Taalib

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Anonymous said...

Almost like he knew this was going to be his last salah.

Anonymous said...

Is he in jail? Will he ever return?

Anonymous said...

Why did king Salman fire people from masjid Al-Haram? Was he drunk? Why gang up on Muslims? Dont like muslims? Did the king convert into another religion or become Shi'a? If you dont like what others have to say then you be tolerant. Everyone should be entitled to fhis or her opinion as long as it doesnt cause harm or it takes them out of the fold of Islam. Not your right to abuse & oppress others because you agree with them or they dont look like you. Stop forcing others to subscribe to your way of living. Are you the Taliban? If you dont want certain people living in KSA, then tell them to leave. I'm sure they'll find a place to go. Want to modernize your country? Start by giving better treatment/rights to women & minorities.