Makkah 'Eid al Adha 1437

Makkah 'Eid Salaah and Khutbah
Sheikh Saalih aal Taalib

Salaah: Surahs 'Alaa and Ghashiya



Monzur from Bangladesh said...

MashaAllah Sheikh Taalib leading Eid Salaah wearing Ihram. Amazing recitation and Emotional Khutbah MashaAllah.

Ahsan said...

Mashallah, the Khutbah was very beautiful and Shaikh Saleh was also in Ihram. Perhaps he was also perfoming Hajj. I watched the whole Hajj live and everything seemed like I was there. May Allah give us another chance to perform Hajj again.

Anonymous said...

Masha Allah sheikh talib performing hajj

INTER AFE said...

happy Ramadan Kareem
and happy Eid all Mubarak
may Allah reward you with Good