Makkah Taraweeh - Night 20

1st Ten Rakah led by Sheikh Hassan Bukhari

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2nd Ten Rakah led by Sheikh Khaalid al Ghamdi

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Witr led by Sheikh Khaalid al Ghamdi

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Muzahid said...

A moving announcement of Surah Rum [1-8] by Sh. Khalid Ghamdi

A thoughtful matter is here. Sheikh jointed the first three words of the third ayah to the second ayah meaningfully; as well first three words of the fourth ayah to the third ayah and first two words of fifth digit to the fourth sign; truly stimulating Al-Ankabut-end part before ma sha Allah.

Muzahid said...

Sheikh Hasan Bukhari: Careful pronunciation by the new Imam, possibly he takes plus rest time than other Imams after each pair rak’ah.

Sheikh Khalid: Thoughtful sensation by Sh. Ghamdi in the battle of Ahzab and on the respect to our Prophet Ahmad [SAW], the best model for the whole planet. This is my 5th seeing of tears in Al Fatiha by Sheikh.

Sheikh was in quiet attitude, so I am sorry because I love his exciting voice; but interestingly Surah A’la in Witr is more artistic than Taraweeh Qira’ah I think.

Can anybody suggest which night is Sh. Ghamdi’s best until now this Ramadan?

Muzahid said...

Usual and balanced job sector for woman and man

The Islam [The Creator’s Religion] aims to save the natural differences of male and female. We reflect on Surat Al-Ahzab, the 33rd direction. Women are guided to prefer the home in settle mind. Al Islam does not encourage women for busy and long time out of the quarter. But where it is deeply required [examples: woman education, hospital etc], the authorities should help them intensely so that they can continue balance along with the family, their children and job. The authorities should make a fitting management for this purpose, because their extra service is required for several sectors.

As well as we should construct proper decoration for most talent women. We should remember, Aysha [R.], the smallest wife of Prophet Muhammad [Sm.] contributed pioneer role for the human civilization from inside the residence.

Islam wishes full balanced family that will make us reach at the door to the heaven.

Ahson said...

Sheikh Bukhari sounds so much like Sheikh Ghazzawi. There is quite a lot of similarity.
Such a beautiful, awesome tune and emotional recitation by Sheikh Ghamdi MashaAllah! Just loved it!

Anonymous said...

MashaAllah soft and beautiful recitation by Sheikh Bukhari

محب الحرمين said...

dear haramain staff why do yourl take new imams way dont yourl take shiekh salih

Anonymous said...

Masha Allah.. Another new imam.....


amersidd said...

Wow another new imam marshaAllah! Nice voice

Anonymous said...

I think Sh. Ghazzawi's tune is more charming than Sh. Hasan.

MYK said...

Sheikh Bukhari: Surah Ankaboot 46-End & Rum & Luqman 1-21
Sheikh Ghamdi: Luqman 22-End, Sajdah & Ahzab 1-34

MashAllah. Very Nice voice Sheikh Bukhari has.