14th Rajjab 1436 ~ 2nd May 2015

Makkah Maghrib
(Surahs Baqarah: Ayaah 284-286 and Ikhlas) Sheikh Sudais

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Muzahid said...

Heart touching submission at the first rak'ah [ameen], as well significant the second rak'ah.

Muzahid said...

A considerable matter for the Haramain Presidency

Salamun ‘alaikum. If regular Salaat Qira’at translation is screened during the Salaat [like Taraweeh live in Ramadan] it will be very fruitful. And Makkah and Madinah Salaat may be shown by different languages. People will be sure, why the Imams change voice and tune, why the people crying etc.

The fact is huge people do not realize the Qur’an without print translation.

Anonymous said...

very well-said Muzahid !