16th Rabi ath Thani 1436 ~ 4th February 2015

Makkah 'Isha
(Surah Yunus: Ayaah 104-109) Sheikh Ghamdi

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Muzahid said...

Most probably this is from Surat An Naml [end phase], rhythmic voice by Sheikh as well.

Anonymous said...

Surah Naml 59-75

Anonymous said...

شكرا,Thanks,Teşekkürler,Danke (from Germany Halil)

Anonymous said...

I believe the recitation is in Surat An-Naml Chapter 27 verses 59 to 75.


Ahson said...

MashaAllah, such an amazing recitation from Sheikh Ghamdi. I love this particular beautiful, melodious tone of his. Sheikh was emotional and trying to control his emotions throughout the recitation.