4th Rabi ath Thani 1436 ~ 23rd January 2015

Makkah Maghrib
(Surahs Kahf: Ayaah 107-110 and Anbiya: 34-35) Sheikh Sudais

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Salaatul Janazah al Gha'ib for Malik 'Abdullah ibn 'Abdul Azeez aal Saud

Emotional Farewell


Anonymous said...

Mashallah i think the sheikh had a very close relautionship with the late king, may Allah rest his soul. He seemed really emotional through out the while thing as if he had been crying. Ive have never heard an emotional surah fatiha by the sheikh but that was quite emotional

Anonymous said...

Can you please translate. Thanks May Allah reward you all.

biggest fan of Sheikh saleh al taleb said...

video not available

umar said...

Yes Sheikh had a very close relationship with late king.... He seemed emotional all Salaah and after Salaah in Janazah... My Allah bless Sheikh Sudais with Sabr. Ameen

Anonymous said...

Inna LilAllah wa inna iLayhi raji'une. Emotionnal and sad recitation. That makes me sad subhanAllah

mmkh said...

انا لله وانا اليه راجعون
اللهم تجاوز عنه واغفرله واجمع كلمتنا على ما تحب وترضى واجعل قادم أيامنا خيرا واجعلنا من الخير في زيادة ومن الشر في عافية

salute to emotional farewell of sheikh sudais...His voice like from jannah..
Always i here his voice and sheikh saud shuraim early after fajr salah, which purify and fresh my soul..
amazing, tremendous...
Meiraj Muhammad Khan AlBasyaie
From: Bannu, khyber pakhtoonkhwa, PAKISTAN

Anonymous said...

Very sad, May Allah forgive our late king and grant him Jannah.

Unknown said...

Masha allah Sheikh is very emotional as he was very close with the king.Can anyone please translate this.
Jaza kallah