Live Recording

December 20, 2014
'Isha by Sheikh Mu'ayqali

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Anonymous said...

HR Staff, is it Surah Waqi'ah (1-55)?

Anonymous said...

Yes to the comment above it is.. Mashallah very heartfelt, emotional recitation. Bought a tear to my eye..

Muzahid said...

Respectable HR Staff.

Salamun 'alaikum. I collected the recitation, Sura Waqia [1-55] from below.

But please say the specialty of this 2nd time post of that. Then I shall collect this again in sha Allah. I have asked, because you do not publish same Qirah for two times by this way, even after one day.

HR Staff said...

This recording was recorded live in the Haram. The other was a regular TV recording.