18th Rajab 1435 ~ 17th May 2014

Makkah Fajr
(Surah Infitar) Sheikh Juhany

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abdul said...

Any whispers as to who Will perform taraweehs this ramadhan in the haramain. I'm really excited about this year because it seems the most unpredictable compared to the past years due to the additions of new shuyookh.

Unknown said...

The routine will be quite different this year as Shaykh Ghamdi & Baleela are leading Taraweeh now as well.

I presume that Shaykh Juhany & Sudais will be leading on the first day and Shaykh Shuriam & Muaqily on the second and Shaykh Ghamdi & Baleela on the third or Shaykh Sudais won't be leading for some days.

Only Allah Knows Best

Anonymous said...

Yeah you are right!

Unknown said...

Wow a very short Fajr! 6 mins!!! LOL even a Maghrib is longer than that sub han Allah! Sheikh must have been busy!

Anonymous said...

Waiting eagerly for Ramadaan.All the Imaams are at their best in Taraweeh and Sheikh Taalib for everyday Isha salaah inshaAllah .

Anonymous said...

I'm a keen follower of Haramain recordings of Salaat from Masjidil Haram.I hope Sheikh JUhany and Sheikh Sudais will still lead the Taraweekh for this year ..