1st Jumada al Awwal 1435 ~ 2nd March 2014

Madeenah Fajr
(Surah Hujuraat) Sheikh Hudhaify

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Anonymous said...

Assalom o Alikum Wa Rehmat Ullah He Wa Barakah,

Undoubtedly, a superb recitation by Shaikh Ali Hudaify. MashAllah, MashAllah, MashAllah....even at this age, he has so much control on his breath. Definitely a gift from Allah (SWT).

Yesterday also, Sheikh Hudaify recited Surah Hujrat. Is there any importance of this reciting 2 consecutive days or just a coincidence? I remember Sheikh Hudaify recited Surah Hujrat a couple of years ago same like this, ie, 2 consecutive days complete surah in Fajar salah. Please share if there is anything you know about? Once Sheikh Hussain recited Surah Zilzaal in both the rakahs of Fajar salaah and he quoted a Hadith about it.

Jazak Allah Khair Haramain Team...

Anonymous said...

I think Sheikh Hudhaify made mistake yesterday, so repeated today.