26th Rabi al Thanee 1435 ~ 26th February 2014

Madeenah Fajr
(Surah Hood: Ayaah 96-123) Sheikh Bu'ayjaan

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Muhammad salih said...

Dear My respected beloved Hr staff,
As far as I know the spelling is Hud not Hood because I've noticed the spelling in most of the English translation Quraan is spelled Hud. I kindly request if you can change the spelling it will be very much appreciated
Jazakallah khairan

Anonymous said...

I disagree Muhammad salih. Hood is closer to the Arabic, since there is a Waw after the Haa with a Dammah on it. There for the oo compensates for the elongated dammah.

Anonymous said...

lets enjoy and appreciate the work of haramain team, as they are bringing us closer to the harams rather then goingin to spelling, what it should be and what it shouldnt