6th Rabee al Awwal 1435 ~ 7th January 2014

Makkah Fajr
(Surah ar Room: Ayaah 1-27) Sheikh Baleela

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Anonymous said...


Gadgets said...

MasyaAllah ... !

Unknown said...

I dont like it when the sound is like this, the camera is picking the sound from the speakers. Why isnt the sound how it always is, from the microhpone?

None the less, a absolute amazing as alaways from Sheikh Baleela recitation!

Anonymous said...

Looks Surah Rum is next on the list! When ever sheikh Baleela begins a Surah, there is a great chance he's ging to finish it within the next few days!

He's completed already Surahs: Yunus, Yusuf, Muhammad and Tawbah

He's a great addition to the team of Imams of Makkah!

HR Staff said...

The audio wasn't adjusted by us, that is the way it aired on Quran TV. These things happen.

Unknown said...

No problem HR :) And I absolutely agree with Anonymous, since he joined its so exciting to see what he is going to read next! I fell in love with his recitation when he first led prayers, in Ramadan, stating from verse 83 of Surah Kahf!

He is my favorite reciter, I really want him to read, Surah Ya Seen, Rahman, Mulk and Muzzamil!!!