29th Muharram 1435 ~ 2nd December 2013

Makkah 'Isha
(Surah Hud: Ayaah 35-49) Sheikh Mu'ayqali

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Anonymous said...

Allahu Akbar mashaAllah my lovely sheikh Mahir hafithahullah is indeed amazing alhamdulillah i love him!!! he recited extreemly wonderful about Nooh alaihi ssalam and his son :( then with our great Allah subhanahu wa ta3ala :)

umar said...

2nd phase of mataf expansion project is continue day and night. Mashallah

Unknown said...

masha allah

Muzahid said...

Perhaps this qira’ah is at medium rank of Sheikh. How distressing the moment!!! The verses 42 and 43!!! Hajrat Nuh [Asm.] was asking his son to ride on the grand boat. He was nonbeliever, didn’t agree and sank in water. As well we may attend to, how Sheikh Juhany expressed the ayat in Ka’bah Taraweeh 1432.

Anonymous said...

Awesome as usual, Ma sha Allah