6th Muharram 1435 ~ 10th November 2013

Makkah Fajr
(Surah Fatir: Ayaah 1-14) Sheikh Juhany

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Adhaan by Sheikh Sa'eed Fallaatah


Anonymous said...

As long as Sheikh Sudais know who he have to put to lead Taraweeh Salah that's GOOD!!!
Sheikh Balila
Sheikh Juhany
Sheikh Ghamdai
Sheikh Shuraim
Sheikh Mahir
Sheikh Sudais
Most people love these Imaam voice
may Allah bless the voice of All of the Imaam
oh I have a news Sheikh Ghazzawi is leading at Raghi Masjid his voice sounds more better there too

Anonymous said...

Dear HR Staff, the Hajj occasion had been finished, so we are waiting for the previous design and colour of this site or more dazzling.