Hajj 1434 - 2013 | Arafah

Khutbah Hajj
by Sheikh Abdul Aziz Ale Sheikh

Adhan (Beautiful MashALLAH)
by Sheikh Ahmad Farooq Hadrawi - son of Sheikh Farooq Hadrawi

Salah (Asr & Duhur)


Anonymous said...

When did they did the khutbah? i was trying to watch it live but i couldn't
May ALlah accept the hujjajis Hajj.

Anonymous said...

حج مبرور وسعي مشكور وذنب مغفور وجنة وحبور وتجارة لن تبور بإذن الله الغفور!!!

umayr786 said...

amazing azaan by sheikh farooqs son..allhamdulilah..maybe one day he will do the azaan in the masjid al haram

Muzahid said...

Our earnest request to HR to select and publish the top powerful, dazzling and artistic Hajj Khutbahs at a separate section. Sheikh’s Sea like speech is a great resource for the Muslim Ummah.