Surah Maryam - Ramadan 2013

Surah Al-Maryam
by Sheikh Bandar Baleela
Night 15 Ramadan 1434


Anonymous said...

masha Allah shukran for HR

Anonymous said...

MASHALLAH! The raining vid is so surreal! Unbelievable video, looks so soothing! InshALLAH, One day we all will be there!

PS. This surah Maryam is the recitation Sheikh Balela recited in on his debut night right?


umayr786 said...

i remember listening to the on the night, amazing recitation subhanAllah, truely recited from the heart

Anonymous said...

I Am No:1 And Don't Disappoint Me!!!

Anonymous said...

@Anon no.4
This is the best way for HR Staff to put up your comment Right, because for a couple of days no comment has bean post and the comment is deserved to be post trough His Beautiful recitations(MASHALLAH)!?
or maybe that ppl is NOT listening to his recitations
MASHALLAH Sh.Baleela has deliverer welll

daughter of Pakistan said...

how can i download this beautiful recitation plz????????

Anonymous said...

please, isn't there an audio?

Anonymous said...

Sh.Bandar Balila I Miss ur voice tooo much!