'Eid al Fitr 1434 - Madeenah

'Eid Salaah and Khutbah
by His Eminence Sheikh 'Abdul Bari ath Thubayty


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Download 32kbps Audio
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Anonymous said...

Surahs Alaa and Ghashiya

Anonymous said...

Dear hr staff can u plz upload the video of Maddenah eid khutbah

Anonymous said...

Eid Mubarak to all brother and sister in Islam
Inshallah next day Eid ul Fitr India. missing the ramadan it is so blessed month o Allah swt acvept our all good deeds. Thanks to HR team. i am a regular visitor of this web site Hope to my lord next time. give chance to visit the holy two places.

Muhammad salah said...

Surahs Alaa & Ghashiya

Fatemah said...

Outstanding khutbah by dear sheikh Abdulbari! Subhanallah!!! A wonderful topic of happiness on this blessed eid day-ya Allah the contents of his sermon were beyond words! Listened live, a must listen for us all InshaaAllah.
May Allah spread joy within us all n make it the best day n of rejoice, when we meet our lord,Allah. Aameen
Takbirs sounded sooo beautiful echoing from masjid nabawi-mashaallah! Oh Allah call us quickly to the haramain shareeefain. Aameen

zeynah said...

I Was sooo happy to watch Sheikh Thubaity's Salah/Khutbah :-D :-) it was excellent.

Anonymous said...


Taqabalallahu mmina wa minkum

May Allah accept our good deeds and keep us steadfast. Ameen!

Anonymous said...

Salam alaikum,
is there any way to post translation of the khutba in english? jazakallah khair

Anonymous said...

Translation of the khutbah please.. jazak'Allah khair