2nd Shawwal 1434 ~ 9th August 2013

Makkah Jumuah Khutbah and Salaah
Sheikh Saud ash Shuraim

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Salaah: Surahs Al-A'la and Al-Ghashiyah

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Anonymous said...

GR8 1.......Best line"who was doing ibadat 4 ramadan,so ramadan is gone...& who was doing ibadat 4 Allah,so ALLAH OWNS THE 11 OTHER months too........" such a wise statement..sheikh seemed a bit sad, maybe coz ramadan is over..:(

Anonymous said...

Salaah : Surah A'la- Gashiya

zeynah said...

Excellent Khutbah n Salah by Sheikh Shuraim
He has not led Jummah for such a long time and I was so happy to watch him.
May Allah help us to implement Sheikhs Khutbah
as he mentioned also that we need to continue
our Ibaadah though out the year such as praying Tahajjud,
giving in charity,fasting 6 days of shawwal n sunnah fasts also to
remember our brothers n sisters, in our dua,
who are suffering around the world.

Anonymous said...

“Extol The Name of your Lord, The Most High.
Who creates and gives order and proportion.
And Who makes [things] according to a measure, then guides [them to their goal]. Surah Al-A’la [1-3].