24th Shawwal 1434 ~ 31st August 2013

Makkah Fajr
(Surahs Mutafifeen and Shams) Sheikh Juhany

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Muzahid said...

Ma sha Allah, Surah Al-Mutaffifeen is always leading and different by Sheikh Juhany. We may attend to the three years Taraweeh; 1432, 1433 & 1434. And there is HUGE SMELL in the hijri 1433. This appearance is as well, but comparatively in same flow of melody. Indeed, there are various views in this Surat, so it is well to apply tune variety. May Allah make us reach at the top chairs in Akhirah.

Muzahid said...

No one can forget Surah Ash-Shams by Qari Abdul Baset [Rahimahullah], same verses in different tunes, again and again..........ALLAHU AKBAR!!!!!