1st Shawwal 1434 ~ 7th August 2013

Makkah Maghrib
(Surah ) Sheikh Sudais

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Anonymous said...

mashALLAH, very nice to see him sitting at the Doorstep of the HOly Kaba.

and Does Shiekh Sudais wave to the camera at 55 seconds? LOL! that's after the guards are telling o put the camera down too! So humble and nice of the Shiekh!

and what is the thing they are throwing around like 3 times?


Anonymous said...

MashaAllah Sheikh Sudais is so nice may reward him Ameen

Anonymous said...

MASHAALLAH.. He is waving hand to someone smiling... he is so polite and humble..

umayr786 said...

lol i think sheikh sudais was actually waving at the camera, while the guards were saying put the camera down..jazakAllah for the video, Beautiful azaan by sheikh Naif so much energy

Al Hidayat said...

Surah Al Hijr ayah 85-99